Daybreak 5.15.20 – Dr. Christina Harris

Helanah Warren May 15, 2020


Helanah of DayBreak spoke with Dr. Christina Harris, professor of Africology & African American studies as she shares her reasoning for diving deep into further research around how this pandemic has been affecting vulnerable communities. Her research shows that African-Americans have been reported twice as likely to contract the virus due to various reasons. Working jobs that do not allow you to work from home, living in multi-generational family homes, and often having pre-existing health conditions contribute to the uptick in folks from our community experiencing disproportionate impact. The importance of understanding the data, the risks and the possibilities actually supports the conversation that our community is concerned with what’s going on and are committed to staying home and staying safe. As a community response captain, she has been trained to support the current situtation of 19,000 confirmed cases with information and trained action. Tune in to hear how and why your small choices can make great impact on the collective health of our communities.

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