Daybreak 4.7.20 – Kim Byarm

Helanah Warren April 7, 2020


Helanah of DayBreak spoke with Kim Byarm, creator of the NEXUS, a Black women’s sista circle and book club that meets monthly here in Philadelphia. She shares why it’s so important to stay connected during this time and how a shared love of reading can be the connector that we all need. There are so many things we think and feel during the week that we may not be able to verbalize and when you can meet with a group of like-minded peers it allows you a space to tap in, share deeply and unwind. Realizing that virtual small group meetups might be replacing in-person hangouts is a transition that can be challenging to make. We can all learn how adjust and stay connected to our circles especially in this new climate. Tune in to get new ideas on how you can organize a virtual meetup for your closest friends and family today!

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