Philadelphia has taken voting from the cradle to the grave

Written by on November 9, 2015

Philadelphia was once known as the cradle of the liberty, but it’s rapidly becoming democracy’s crypt.

Sadly, as a consistent and committed voter, I am now in the minority.  But it’s not because Voter ID or other restrictive measures have killed voter turnout. No, the right to vote in Philadelphia is committing a very public suicide.

In the May democratic primary, where candidates and outside groups spent at least $28 million to influence voters, turnout was barely above 27 percent. In the general election, it was even worse. For several important races, including mayor, city council, and the state Supreme Court, combined voter turnout was just above 25 percent.

Mayor Michael Nutter told the Philadelphia Daily News, “You can’t complain on one hand about what’s going on, and then you can’t take your butt to the polling place five minutes from your house to do something about whatever condition you are upset about.”

He’s right, of course. But voter apathy, in my opinion, is tied to ineffective government, so elected officials can’t simply point to non-voters. They must also look at themselves.

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