On Philly Politics, The Youth Speak

Written by on November 3, 2015

Youth WURDs Season Two is off to a brisk start, and Philadelphia is beginning to take notice.

Last week, three of our student hosts–Tamir, Morgan and Olivia–sat down with producer Jeanette Woods from WHYY to share their thoughts on what Philadelphia’s next Mayor should do on behalf of youth in the city. Though these teens are too young to vote in today’s election, we hope that their enthusiasm and insight will be a source of inspiration for all of the adults in our WURD audience to get out and perform their civic duty to help decide our next Mayor, City Councilpersons, and Supreme Court judges.

If you want to be see positive change for Philadelphia and her citizens, be a part of the solution by deciding who’ll serve the people of this city.

Get out and VOTE – 2015!

Running time is about 3 minutes.

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