How a Daily News column put WURD on Nightline

Written by on December 16, 2014

AS OTHERS used Ferguson as an excuse to argue the finer points of civil rights and excessive force, I viewed Ferguson through a much more personal lens, because I am the father of a black son.”

Two weeks ago, when those words tumbled out of me like prisoners rushing toward freedom, I was caught somewhere between fatherhood and manhood, between anxiety and apprehension, between possibility and certainty.

Yet as I struggled through that jumble of disparate emotions, I was certain of one thing: I had to speak out. Not with witty anecdotes, universal experiences, or homespun tales, but with the raw emotion of a black father who’d seen black boys fall dead at the hands of police officers.

I wrote of the knot that forms in my stomach when I think of the danger to my son. I wrote my truth, and wrote it unfettered, and something miraculous happened.

Producers at ABC reached out to me. Within 24 hours of the initial conversation, my 10-year-old son and I were sitting in my kitchen with a crew from “Nightline,” having an intimate talk about race, police and Ferguson.

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