Mayoral Candidate Nelson Diaz on Wake Up With WURD

Written by on February 23, 2015

On Thursday February 5th, 900 am WURD morning host Solomon Jones interviewed mayoral candidate Nelson Diaz. The wide-ranging interview covered a number of subjects, including education, crime, gentrification, voter turnout and the Latino community. Diaz expressed a need for accountability for outside sources looking to fund schools, especially when it comes to charters. But he also expressed the need for leadership within the schools—whether charter or public.

“The first thing you have to do essentially is have a continuum of education,” Diaz said when asked what he would do as mayor to fix schools. “Our kids move around too much from one school to another. Secondly you have to give some independence to the principals—strong principles–and I’ll give you an example. Jose Lebron, who is the principal at the Olney High School, was considered an average principal. I disagreed. I thought he was great, but the rules and regulations really prevented him from being a good principal. Olney was one of the worst high schools in the city. Aspira takes the school on, and today it’s one of the best high schools in the city–robotics, science, math, and so forth. It was the same people who were in the public school system who then got some creativity, got some independence and got some ability to love the kids and didn’t have the whole regulatory process of, ‘I’m there from nine to five.'”

Click the link below to hear the interview in its entirety. The above quote comes at 8:52

Photo: Nelson Diaz visits Fort Meade during Hispanic Heritage Month. Jen Rynda / Flickr Creative Commons

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