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Wellness Success Coach | Entrepreneur | Broadcaster 

HELLO HELANAH is the Founder of Yogetree where she helps working professionals create & commit to their wellness goals so they can regain control of their health, happiness, and well-being. Previously, she worked as a Plant-based chef, Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and Meditation Educator where she helped entrepreneurs find work-life-balance, collectively increasing their productivity and quality of life by prioritizing their needs & wants through small lifestyle changes.

She has taught over 500 workshops that have educated hundreds of people on how to regain their health, mental clarity, and peace of mind through building healthy habits. She’s a former linguist and currently supports entrepreneurs, educators, and artists with self-care strategy and stress management tools. In 2018, she launched her #GetRight program: an 8-week online accelerator for professionals who need to take their healthy lifestyle to the next level.

Learn more about her work at www.hellohelanah.com and on Instagram @hellohelanah

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