Lively-HOOD  is a new initiative of WURD Radio, Pennsylvania’s only Black-owned talk radio station. This initiative is designed to address one of the most pressing issues facing the city: high unemployment rates in the African American community. Leveraging the trust and uniqueness of the WURD brand, we will use our various platforms – on air, digital, events and social media – to connect Philadelphians to jobs, career readiness information and entrepreneurial resources. According to Philadelphia Works, across all races and ethnic groups over the age of 25, African Americans have the highest unemployment rate both in Philadelphia (17.7%) and in Pennsylvania (15.4%). WURD’s Lively-HOOD initiative will also serve as a way for corporations and nonprofits, who still struggle to diversify their workforce, to recruit talented job seekers.



In the city of Philadelphia, young Black entrepreneurs often take leaps into entrepreneurship and struggle to achieve their dreams while battling a culture of poverty. In Trial By Fire, the short documentary produced by WURD Radio in partnership with the Poverty News Network and MSN, two entrepreneurs share their stories. Looking towards a solution, WURD’s Lively-HOOD initiative aims to provide resources, career readiness training, and entrepreneurship resources for young entrepreneurs and job seekers.



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