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Written by on July 14, 2015

FIFTEEN YEARS of marriage has changed me. It has made me more reflective, more deliberate and more focused on a future I now realize will arrive in the blink of an eye.

In 15 years of marriage to my beautiful wife, LaVeta, I’ve changed in ways that I both celebrate and mourn. I have watched my wife laugh, knowing that I was the reason for her joy. I’ve seen her cry, knowing that I was the cause of her sorrow.

Through it all, we have loved one another, comforted one another and lifted each other in moments when nothing else could. I’m grateful for that. But I am even more appreciative of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I’ve realized that marriage is much more than the soaring notes of a love song. It’s sometimes the plodding rhythm of a march through the everyday realities of bills, responsibilities and problems. Sometimes marriage – and indeed, life – is about holding on through the moments when you feel like letting go, because just beyond the darkness, there is a memory waiting to be created. Just beyond your own problems, there are the catastrophes of others.

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Illustration by Richard Harrington

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