How two fathers and their teenage sons are talking about race in America

Written by on June 26, 2020

Both sons were 10 in 2014. Now, they share their perspective as teens.
By Ashley Louszko, Meagan Redman and Allie Yang | ABC News

For Solomon Jones Jr., a Black father, difficult conversations with his son aren’t optional. They’re essential.

“The talk,” a discussion Black parents have had with their children for generations, is now rooted in a new sense of urgency as the list of Black men and women known to be killed by police continues to grow.

In recent weeks, Americans of all races, from coast to coast, have taken to the streets demanding racial equality and justice.

At a time when many across this country are wondering if recent events will be a catalyst for progress, “Nightline” spent time with two families – one Black, one white – to discuss race and policing in America.

Solomon Jones III and Aidan Kaye are teenagers growing up in middle class households in the Philadelphia area. Their fathers, Solomon Jones Jr. and Daniel Kaye are both middle class, married and college educated. The Kaye family is white and the Jones family is Black.

“Nightline” first met them six years ago when both boys were just 10 years old.

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