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Written by on January 10, 2015

I am not one for resolutions, but I am perfectly fine with using the start of the New Year to reevaluate the practices and habits that will not serve me well as I move forward. One major area that I have neglected for too long is getting my physical self in order. The assumption would be that–as it is with many people during this time of year–when I say improve my physical self, the emphasis is on losing weight. And while my body could certainly benefit from carrying around less heft, I am referring to a much more comprehensive physical consciousness and program.

I’ve been suffering from an acute case of putting Stef last, and it caught up with me toward the end of 2014. Stress, too little sleep and too much processed food took a serious toll on my complexion, my hair, and my general sense of well-being. My sensitive skin went into complete rebellion, with random breakouts and dark marks cropping up in abundance. My joints were creaky. My hair didn’t seem to be able to retain enough moisture to keep it soft and bouncy, no matter what product or protective style I tried. And there were a host of other minor issues that had me feeling less than spunky and alert. Not at all the way I desire or intend to interact with the outside world. It was time for a change.

What I had to remember, first, is that everything is interconnected. I wasn’t going to be able to make my hair more lustrous or my skin clearer without acknowledging that if I dug down to the root of it all, every itemized ailment would be improved. That, perhaps, The Creator decided to start unknitting some of the strands of my fabulous in such a noticeable way that I had no choice but to stop and assess whether I could afford to continue living being so neglectful of my personal needs. The answer, friends, was a resounding no.

And so, here in early 2015, I am being far more invested in what I put on and into my body. I am becoming stingier with my time, and carefully considering the company I keep. As legendary figures continue to leave this plane and the world mourns their contributions, I can’t expect to finish the work I’m here to do if I treat myself any old kind of way.

What good is hosting a show called The MOJO if I don’t acknowledge my own?

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