Donald Trump: Making America Vote Again

Written by on March 16, 2016

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Let’s face it. Donald Trump’s 2016 run at the White House has been nothing short of amazing. His campaign has confounded even the most seasoned political commentators, who are watching Trump tear apart what’s left of the GOP. Moreover, it seems that he’s awakened a coalition of bigots, xenophobes and conservatives not fully impressed with what establishment Republicans have brought to the table the last eight years.

That spells trouble for the dwindling few who still dismiss the notion that Trump will likely get the needed delegates to secure the Republican nomination for president. Not only has he dominated the race so far, but polling data suggests that his seemingly miraculous run will continue. And you can’t win states without votes.

There’s been much analysis put into WHY Trump has resonated with so many voters, but this isn’t complicated. With a dozen or so political rookies, policy wonks, fake religious nuts, and otherwise unimpressive Republican candidates, Trump has captured the attention of angry, (largely) white GOP voters who feel the party establishment has allowed our president to push his black, liberal agenda for two terms. To them, enough is enough!

You see that fiery, misguided passion on display at Trump rallies, where he demonstratively boasts his plans to build a wall between the US and Mexico while belittling whole races and cultures, and inciting the type of hate in people that makes them want to take action. For much of the campaign trail, that action has come in the form of votes, and lots of them.

Then last week, before a rally to be held at the University of Chicago, something really weird happened. Before Trump came out to speak, protesters (who mostly couldn’t come up with a good reason why they were there) began to physically clash with Trump supporters, inside and outside the rally. And for the first time, we saw the resistance to the billionaire’s campaign take action directly against him and his supporters. It was ugly, but it needed to happen.

What this means is that Trump has not only excited a formerly dormant section of the GOP voting bloc, but also young millennials and other liberal leaners who overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

Why is this significant? Clinton appears to be the presumptive Democratic favorite and will likely snatch enough superdelegates (and regular ones too) to secure the Dem’s nomination. Thing is, distaste and distrust of Clinton, especially among millennials, is strong enough that without Trump involved in the equation, it might have been entirely possible that they would have stayed home on election day. Friday night’s display in Chicago seems to have eliminated that outcome.

While it doesn’t solve the long term trust issues people have with American politics, Trump’s candidacy has at least motivated a collection of Democrats (and some Republicans) to take civic action even if it’s just in pure opposition to a man they find evil. Very good news for Clinton whose shine is quickly wearing off as primary season goes on.

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