Data: Trump uses NFL protests for electoral advantage

Written by on October 14, 2017

Of the many questions surrounding the routinely bizarre public conduct of President Trump, one of the more perplexing is his recent entrance into national anthem protests from Black National Football League players. That reached a fevered pitch in the recent week as the president launched into another tirade blasting players and the league, directed his Vice President to leave an Indianapolis Colts game when it happened and continued chiming in to the two-week suspension of Black ESPN journalist Jemele Hill. Of the many issues a normal president would be faced with, why is the NFL one of them?

But, as tensions continue rising each passing Sunday between a caustic rectangle of Black professional football players, team owners, a stumbling league and a relentless President Trump, there are signs of an emerging political calculus for Republicans heading into the 2017 election season and beyond. Spats over the national anthem could offer President Trump just enough buffer to keep a core base intact and attentive enough to not only distract the national electorate, but to slightly energize voters for a number of upcoming state and local races in key states next month.

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