COVID-19 hitting Black people hard? Too bad, get back to the plantation

Written by on April 22, 2020

OPINION: Charles Ellison writes that calls to ‘Reopen America Now’ speak to the country’s continued disregard for Black bodies

Are you Black, possibly COVID-infected (since testing kits aren’t available for you), either bed-ridden at home because the hospital turned you away or in a hospital dying alone?

Were you one of more than 20 million workers who digitally lined up for unemployment insurance as depression sweeps over the land?

Do you find yourself packed into a city bus that’s defying social distancing, on your way to a low-paying frontline job that’s illegally snatched your sick pay, and petrified at the dude a foot away from you who’s not coughing into his elbow?

Well that’s just too bad because we’re reopening the economy, whether “you Black people” get through this or not.

As bioterrorism attacks escalate at state capitols all over the country – oh … wait a minute? Let’s check that and head into a relevant tangent: You actually thought those were “protests”?

You bought into the half-baked headline that there is some massive “backlash” movement of well-intended, but confused and misled Trump-flag wearing White folks who are afraid of impending bankruptcy doom? Sorry, you thought wrong: these folks are bioterrorists. All of them one asymptomatic coronavirus carrier away from infecting 40 other people, who have each moved on to infect 40 others and so on and so forth.

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