Coronavirus forced me to slow down and spend more time with my family — and I’m grateful

Written by on March 31, 2020

The rise of the coronavirus has transformed everything I’d come to know as normal.

The scratchy throat that in previous years I’d dismiss as the onset of spring allergies is now a source of concern. A trip to the neighborhood market I’ve visited a thousand times is now a journey fraught with risk. The drive to my job as a morning radio host through eerily quiet streets is a reminder that a microscopic enemy has all but shut down a vibrant city.

The one thing I know best is the home and family I’ve built with my wife. My family is the reason I’ve worked three jobs for years. My family is the reason I’ve worked so hard to be someone who matters. Amid the books and the radio shows, the TV appearances and accolades I’ve collected over the years, my family is my greatest accomplishment. But in these strange times, I’ve learned that I don’t know my family as intimately as I thought I did, and that is the most unnerving part of it all.

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