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March is Women’s History Month. In honor of this annual observance of the incredible contributions made by women everywhere, WURD has compiled this list of “notable quotables” from strong sisters who have improved our world through their intellect, spirit, inventions, acts, and more.

“To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.”

On March 7, 900AM-WURD presented its third Wellness 101 community health education symposium – this time in celebration of Women’s History Month – with Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: A Woman’s Guide to Wholeness. Click the video above for the recap or read on!

a moment of poetic inspiration on a day of global celebration honoring womanhood

We’ll see you on March 7 at Wellness 101: Healthy, Wealthy & Wise — and we’ve got an amazing Grand Prize for a lucky attendee!

Looking at photos of my mother are almost like looking in a mirror. Though the pain of her death is now distant, the questions I want to ask her are ever-present.

Congratulations to WURD’s own Stef Renée, Program Director and host of “The MOJO,” and Sales Director Monica Lewis! Both will be honored on February 18 at Joan Shepp’s 15th annual “Women of Substance and Style” awards in celebration of Black History Month.

WURD Speaks: 150 Years of Freedom Fighting featured historians, academics and experts discussing the evolution of Black activism – past, present and future. Read on for the event podcast, exclusive interviews with our panelists, videos, articles, and books written by members of the panel.

In my experience, feisty babes are born, not made, the product of generations of women who repeatedly defied expectation and societal norms to do things their way. It’s time that they were celebrated.

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