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The questionable death of Sandra Bland in a Texas jail cell – allegedly a suicide – has forced me to revisit the ugly realities I explained to my children in the aftermath of the Michael Brown case.

Check out our video overview of the latest “Mind Your Business” segment on Wake Up With WURD! Solomon Jones speaks with Carla Clarkson, the owner of Philadelphia’s Honey Hair Studio, to hear her current business challenges.

There is a national push to reduce the number of people in our prisons, and it’s a cause that’s been championed by Republicans and Democrats alike. But as Philadelphia prepares to buy land on which to build a new prison, our city seems to be out of step with that national push. In his latest Daily News column, Solomon Jones says we can fix that if we’re committed to change.

I spoke with Democratic mayoral nominee Jim Kenney in the days after his convincing victory over a field of five competitors. The wide ranging interview covered jobs, education, marijuana decriminalization and gentrification, but Kenney saved his most interesting comments for the prison system.

Check out our video preview of the fourth episode of Mind Your Business! Solomon Jones speaks with Hanifa Samad, the owner of The A List Look Boutique – a fashion boutique – to hear her current business challenges.

Solomon Jones’s Daily News column says the School District should get the money it’s requesting for its budget, but the district should submit to an annual audit first.

Every day on Wake Up With WURD we list the Top 5 stories of the day. Today’s stories include: More video on Freddie Gray arrest; Councilman Goode says it’s about service, not elections; Nebraska votes to abolish death penalty; L.A. raises minimum wage to $15 an hour; Philadelphia Planning Commission opposes prison land deal.

How, in a city that can’t find $85 million for education, can we find $500 million for a prison?

Every day on Wake Up With WURD we list the Top 5 stories of the day. Today’s stories include: Obama lauds Camden police, and bike gang members face organized crime charges.

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