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Temple students and the community; what created the hostility?

With less than two weeks away from election day, it is important to ensure that Pennsylvanians are fully informed about their right to submit an absentee ballot. Click image or headline for details.

WHYY, in partnership with 900AM WURD, joined forces to present a Youth Town Hall Meeting in late September. You can see and hear the entire conversation through this link.

When will stop-and-frisk end?

ICYMI: Catch some of the highlights from this gathering to hear from Philadelphia-area teens about the issues that most concern them

Who won the Vice Presidential debate?

This election season, the internet is awash with quotes and video clips of civil rights leaders and activists who made comments as long as 50 years ago that are still eerily accurate today.

On September 13, President Obama was in Philadelphia campaigning for Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.

Jones: Kaepernick, Lochte cases are as different as black and white

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