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900AM-WURD, Cigna Healthspring, Comcast and the Free Library of Philadelphia are partnering for the 5th annual Summer of Freedom Tour, hosted by The MOJO’s Stef Renee!

Philadelphia R&B group Brotherly Love, along with their manager Charlie Mack, visit The MOJO in advance of the group’s performance at WURD Speaks: Black Music Matters – The Blue-Eyed Soul Takeover?

Rachel Dolezal probably had no idea that she would become the new face of White Privilege in America, because of making a conscious decision to mislead the public into believing that she is Black. But what exactly is Black (or White), anyway?

Black Music Month is like a second birthday celebration. It is a wonderful reminder of the role that music has played not just in my own development, but as a vehicle for expression and success for my entire family.

How, in a city that can’t find $85 million for education, can we find $500 million for a prison?

Every day on Wake Up With WURD we list the Top 5 stories of the day. Today’s stories include: Obama lauds Camden police, and bike gang members face organized crime charges.

Forgive me if I seem a little sassier than usual on the air this week. I’ve been inspired by Dee Rees’ amazing new HBO biopic BESSIE, starring Queen Latifah. It’s time for me to reclaim some of my artsy edge.

FINALLY, after years of being ridiculed for having beer bellies, love handles and man boobs, dads have gained social-media acceptance, and our physical attributes have gone viral. Nineteen-year-old Mackenzie Pearson, a sophomore at Clemson University, has declared that the “Dad Bod” is in vogue.

Check out our video preview of the third episode of Mind Your Business, which focuses on Body Rock Boot Camp and its growth and exposure plans.

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