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Oh, Mercury Retrograde…you trickster, you! Can always count on you to remind me of what and who I love most, and give me a chance to get my life right. Literally.

Host Stephanie Renée is joined in-studio by former Philadelphia Eagle lineman Jeremiah Trotter, star of feature film “The North Star,” along with writer/director Thomas K. Phillips and fellow cast member Thomas C. Bartley, Jr.

A few weeks ago, David Welsh, an avid fan of Philly radio and television broadcasters, paid a visit to the Wynnefield branch stop of our Summer of Freedom tour of the Free Library of Philadelphia. Little did we know, David had a lovely photo slideshow/video tribute in mind!

Our Summer of Freedom tour continued on August 26 at The Library for The Blind, when MOJO host Stephanie Renee interviewed Brazilian musician Dende.

When you’re writing two weekly columns, doing television commentary and hosting a daily radio show, there’s very little glamour involved. In my darkest moments, I am huddled in a bathroom with a phone and computer.

Solomon Jones says there’s more to mourn than to celebrate on the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act.

After decades of running and resisting, Sonia Sanchez locked down a permanent residence in Philadelphia. And after 30 years or so, her vast influence in this amazing-but-troubled city is finally being fully celebrated.

The questionable death of Sandra Bland in a Texas jail cell – allegedly a suicide – has forced me to revisit the ugly realities I explained to my children in the aftermath of the Michael Brown case.

There is a thread on Black Twitter called #HappyBlackGirlDay, where posts are used to uplift and celebrate Black femininity. In the wake of Sandra Bland’s death and so many other insults and insensitivity toward sisterhood, this social media practice feels more like urgent necessity.

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