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In honor of World AIDS Day 2015, we encourage you to learn the basics and the facts about HIV/AIDS, take a moment to educate yourself about our government’s HIV/AIDS strategy, and find out your HIV status.

My personal promise for 2016? Much more of a balance between here and there, home and away. My spirit needs to soar more.

On November 12 we hosted our final Dollars & $ense financial literacy workshop of 2015. We were pleased to see a packed room of forWURD members, WURD listeners and interested folks from around the city in the house.

The Health Insurance Marketplace is open – members of the public who need to secure healthcare coverage for 2016 have 90 days to pick a plan. Get covered today!

NBC-10 interviews Sara Lomax-Reese, WURD’s president and GM, about the October 17 WURD Wellness Festival at Fox Street.

Many members of the WURD family attended the October 10 Justice or Else! rally. Stay tuned to 900AM-WURD for feedback from our hosts, and keep your eyes on for photos and continued coverage. Read on for details on ordering the full event video.

We are so encouraged by the outpouring of interest following WURD Speaks: Brain Strain! Read on for information presented by the stage participants, as well as other useful information about the impact of trauma on children and education.

At WURD Speaks: Brain Strain, a panel of educators, trauma specialists and youth advocates participated in an innovative symposium that examined the impact of trauma on education, the developing brain, and our children’s ability to reach their full potential.

Inspired by the recent papal visit, Brown’s ShopRite, Cabrini College and Drexel Hospitality and Sports Management will sponsor a day of feeding the homeless and hungry on October 1 at ShopRite of Parkside at 52nd and Jefferson Sts.

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