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2014 has been a hard, ugly year for a lot of people. Can we can try something revolutionary in the way we approach life in the New Year…being as open and honest as possible, perhaps? Because this tippy-toeing around the emotional stuff isn’t helping us. At all.

You’ve heard of, participated in, or maybe even led a “Die-In” in response to the horrific deaths in Ferguson, Staten Island, Cleveland and around the nation. WURD Radio, in partnership with The Painted Bride Art Center and Blue Banyan Yoga Studio, invite you to a “Live-In” to harness our raw emotions to transform pain, anger and frustration into a life affirming, empowering and healing experience. *UPDATE* – Interview with WURD president Sara Lomax-Reese added to post!

Preachers, poets and activists – including the great Sonia Sanchez – reflect on the last words of seven Black men and women killed by police in 2014.

Holidays always pose a unique challenge for the unchurched. But when the narrative makes it way onto worldwide movie screens, it gives me a chance to soapbox a bit about God and the way we present divinity.

How do you destroy the myths created by hundreds of years of propaganda, passed down in social studies classes and casual conversation, about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Is it reasonable to expect a vocal minority to convince the comfortable majority to willingly unplug from The Matrix?

We must recognize that the high levels of addiction, abuse, mental illness and suffering still being endured by Black people today is the price we continue to pay for daring to believe that freedom is possible.

The purpose of this symposium is to provide a forum to present information to increase the awareness and provide practical ready-to-use solutions for various disparities that are negatively impacting the African American community in Education, Economics, Criminal Justice/Prosecution.

Sometimes when you’re in the midst of doing, you don’t get a chance to drink it all in. I need to take a minute to sip, savor and say Thank You.

Libra season has arrived, which brings me great joy! Cooler (but not yet cold) temps, Mother Nature busy changing colors and shedding that which is no longer useful, and those of us who were born around this time of year are usually more thoughtful about what we’ve learned during our last revolution around the sun. We process, we plan and we take action in a direction that best suits the person we’re striving to become.

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