Evening Shows

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Introducing “Reality Check with Charles Ellison,” every Monday through Thursday from 4-7pm. Hosted by Charles D. Ellison — veteran political strategist and Philly native — “Reality Check” will discuss issues rippling through the nation’s capitals, state houses and city halls.

The Lounge is here! Tune in at 7pm, Monday through Friday, for a digest of the top pop culture, politics, and sports headlines.

Guided by educator-activist Brother Shomari and educator-youth advocate Dr. Chuck Williams, YouthWURDs features teen-focused conversation led by a rotating group of dynamic and inspiring Philadelphia high school students.

Stay tuned to WURD all this week for exciting changes to our weekday schedule, including the addition of an early-riser news broadcast called Daybreak at WURD and the introduction of a 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. weeknight block titled The Power Hour!

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