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While we all need to stand up and do our part to eliminate racism and injustice, very few of us like to have our arms twisted to advance the issue.

“To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.”

a moment of poetic inspiration on a day of global celebration honoring womanhood

Looking at photos of my mother are almost like looking in a mirror. Though the pain of her death is now distant, the questions I want to ask her are ever-present.

On Wednesday February 25, Comcast live-streamed a two-part web series titled #MakingHistoryToday, focusing on Black tech entrepreneurs. WURD Program Director Stephanie Renée chatted with a few of the panelists about their platforms.

The Sixers traded Michael Carter Williams, their best player, following a longstanding Philadelphia pattern of trading our best players. When the Eagles parted ways with Reggie White, one of the best defensive ends to ever play the game, they said he was greedy for aspiring to be paid like a top player. When the Sixers traded Moses Malone to Washington for Jeff Ruland, they claimed Ruland – bad knees and all – was just as good as Moses. Who else should Philadelphia have traded over the years?

In my experience, feisty babes are born, not made, the product of generations of women who repeatedly defied expectation and societal norms to do things their way. It’s time that they were celebrated.

For single folks, Valentine’s Day can be a vivid reminder of lack, a trigger of inadequacy, or a symbol of loneliness. Or, perhaps, it is a prompt encouraging us to hold out for our most authentic definition of love.

Valentine’s Day is for suckers. Save the high-priced flowers, chocolates and bubbly for someone who doesn’t treat herself well on a regular basis. If we’re really going to have a conversation about love, let it be the kind that heals lives, far beyond one fancy outing.

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