Black Women Unmuted

By Kathy Y. Times For Black Women Unmuted  Finally, America is feeling what I’m feeling — fired up and fed up — over the deadly consequences of racism. Nationwide calls for justice triggered memories of two life-changing experiences for me: witnessing the 1980 Miami riots sparked by the acquittal of white police officers who killed [...]
By Melissa Clarke, MD Just two months ago, at the height of Black History Month, the COVID-19 epidemic seemed a world away from the hearts and minds of black Americans. The general thought was: “Black people don’t get the Rona.” Idris Elba hadn't come down with it yet, and neither had Ellis Marsalis. In President [...]

(EDITOR’S NOTE: On Dec. 3, Sen. Kamala Harris of California announced that she was suspending her bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president. This story, which chronicled a late November push by black women to build support for Harris in Iowa and South Carolina, has been updated to include Harris announcement and otherwise reflect […]

By KELLY MACIAS Senior Editor, Black Women Unmuted Anoa Changa is trying desperately to kick off a frank conversation among Democrats about the electability of their current frontrunner for president, former Vice President Joe Biden. Changa, an Atlanta-based political analyst and attorney, argues frequently on social media that if Democrats select Biden to go up […]

By Nicki Mayo  Black Women Unmuted  From reproductive rights for women of color to a “say her name” moment for Atatiana Jefferson, the latest Democratic debate gave Black women plenty to consider as we weigh who to support in the bid to unseat President Donald Trump. A dozen Democrats vying to go up against Trump […]

Once harassed for golfing while Black, Ojo is now the first Black mayor of Hanover, Pennsylvania.  But can she get re-elected? Editor’s Note: In April 2018, five black women were asked to leave a golf club near the majority-white borough of Hanover, Pa. The problem? They were accused of playing too slowly.  Words got exchanged, […]

Young Black Women Want Atlanta’s Keisha Lance Bottoms to Bring More Than Her Black Womanhood To City Hall ~~~  EDITOR’S NOTE: According to the Center for American Women & Politics, seven of the United States’ largest 100 cities are run by Black women mayors. Two of these cities are state ​capitals​, one is the nation’s […]

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