Author: Stephanie Renee

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In the past few years, we’ve spent quite a bit of time discussing the phenomenon of white privilege. But when it comes to turning the lens inward on Blackness, are we overpolicing success?

My personal promise for 2016? Much more of a balance between here and there, home and away. My spirit needs to soar more.

In a city with such deeply-rooted musical legacy, Philadelphia’s residents should be doing everything in our power to experience creative genius live on stage. Often.

Listen to some of our Youth WURDs hosts speak up about their vision for the future of Philadelphia!

Falling back gives you one more hour to do whatever? My Blackness is more criminally-minded, argumentative, evil than the lesser-melanated? Whatever. It’s ridiculous, really. But these issues still pose situations that have to be managed, if not conquered.

I am generally OK with my decision not to have children. But every now and then, something will trigger my latent maternal instincts. Remind me that some of the things I hold dear will indeed end with me.

Everyone has important milestones in life that they would like to meet or surpass. For me, perhaps more than most, milestones are relative. Literally.

Part of the challenge of growing up Libra is learning that balance is never the end goal; what’s achievable is to never stop working toward balance, instead of thinking you’ve ever found it.

Watching the wall-to-wall Papal Visit coverage this weekend has been something. My personal issues with Christianity notwithstanding, there is a lot to take away from Pope Francis’ many public addresses and masses in Philadelphia.

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