Author: Solomon Jones

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Solomon Jones writes that Kathleen Kane and others have been scarred by the Sandusky case, while Sandusky himself has won back his pension.

Solomon Jones: Low voter turnout in Philadelphia has transformed Philadelphia. The city that was once the cradle of liberty is now democracy’s tomb.

Solomon Jones writes that Pope Francis’s words to a joint session of Congress may have helped to cement John Boehner’s decision to resign.

Solomon Jones writes in his Daily News column that Pope Francis’s visit could leave behind impoverished Philadelphia families who are most in need of a blessing.

Solomon Jones says the Ahmed Mohamed story shows that Muslims are now experiencing the kind of prejudice that blacks have seen for years.

Solomon Jones says the start of a new school year will either force us to hold everyone accountable, or lose a generation to failure.

Solomon Jones writes, “Some seem to believe that it is incumbent upon black people to remain silent when police unjustly beat, shoot, or otherwise harm us. If we dare to speak up about such treatment, then we are deemed responsible for whatever negative actions occur afterward.”

When you’re writing two weekly columns, doing television commentary and hosting a daily radio show, there’s very little glamour involved. In my darkest moments, I am huddled in a bathroom with a phone and computer.

Solomon writes: A string of government studies has shown that black children are treated differently. The latest, a scathing Justice Department report on the juvenile-justice system in St. Louis County, Mo., found that when black youth get in trouble, they are treated more harshly than whites.

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