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With Antonin Scalia’s death, the double standard is once again in effect. I believe Obama is being treated this way not just because he is a Democrat, but also because he is black.

Solomon Jones writes in his Philadelphia Daily News column that the School Reform Commission is rigged against Philadelphia’s mostly poor and black children.

Solomon Jones writes in his weekly Philadelphia Daily News column that race, politics and religion have made for a poisonous mix in America.

Solomon Jones writes in his weekly Newsworks column that Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy goes well beyond his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy is woefully incomplete. We celebrate him as an almost mythical figure whose sole purpose was to eradicate racial injustice. Click to read our question of the day

FBI Director James Comey’s Wednesday comments marked the first time investigators publicly characterized the shooting of Officer Jesse Hartnett by a man pledging allegiance to ISIS as a potential act of terror. Click for the question of the day.

Solomon Jones writes that the shooting of Police Officer Jesse Hartnett must be investigated thoroughly to determine if mental illness played a role in the actions of Edward Archer, 30, who claimed he shot the officer out of allegiance to ISIS.

If terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims, then the armed men who have occupied a building in the Malheur Wildlife Reserve in Oregon are, by definition, terrorists. Led by Ammon Bundy, the 40-year-old son of anti-government Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, the armed men took over the building […]

Solomon Jones doesn’t want his children to grow up in Donald Trump’s America.

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