4 State Elections That Could Prove How Much Everybody Hates Black Voters

Written by on November 6, 2017

This election season could prove that “the resistance” is really all bullshit. On Tuesday, in states like Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and on Dec. 12 in Alabama, there are big chances to begin striking back—and in a language that can scare people like White House chief of staff John Kelly, his boss, Bannonites, congressional Republicans and other creepy white bogeymen and put them on notice.

That window is closing fast—either because we don’t know or because the people we trust to tell us aren’t saying much about that chance—or because many of us are way too focused on largely symbolic, street-cred pony shows like how many black football players took a knee on Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

Or because most of us have bought into the notion that we are a truly powerless and helpless bunch.

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