Winner: Martine L. Augustin Age: 20

Bio: Martine Augustin is a Junior Criminal Justice Major, Sociology Minor on the Pre-Law Track at the illustrious Hampton University on a full ride. She is a recipient of eight scholarships as a Junior.  She is amongst the top 15 percent of her class with a 3.75 cumulative GPA. Martine is the Founder and Director of Ambition Overcomes Adversities Campaign, the goal and mission is to help adolescents properly set and attain goals, while providing healthy coping mechanisms to deal with adversities one may face. Martine is active and involved on campus, currently working in the Office of Judicial Affairs as an assistant to the Dean; she also serves on the Junior Executive Council as the Director of Fundraising, Vice President of Pre Law Society, and Treasure of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. In addition, she is a member of the Junior Community Service Committee, National Council for Negro Women, Girls Rule, Service Spree, Peace and Love and Hampton University’s Blue Thunder Cheerleading Team. Last summer, she attended Duke University’s  Discover Law Pre-Law Fellowship. And this year she will be in Portland interning with Nike as a Jordan Brand Ambassador working with their legal teams. She believes in giving back and servicing her community a community that gave her so much love and support, she understands that it is her duty to do so for the next child.

A.O.A Mission The overall goal of the A.O.A campaign is to enhance middle and high school adolescents abilities to plan and accomplish goals, hoping to cultivate skills and habits of discipline, determination, and concentration. This campaign will teach students how to deal with adversities that affect them, on an everyday basis using healthy coping mechanisms.Through this simple, however, underestimated task, through this program, this campaign will teach students financial literacy, professionalism, service, leadership skills, and provide college prep assistance through workshops, and mentorship.

A.O.A Personal Objective The A.O.A Campaign was created to remind my peers and younger counterparts that THEY ARE NOT ALONE! Adversity occurs in everyone’s life at some point in time. However, many use this as an excuse to fail, or to not follow through with the goals that they set for themselves. Shining bright amongst others can be a scary thing sometimes, however it’s okay to DREAM and CONQUER. This is how we as humans come to self-actualizations. Satisfied the great feeling of accomplishing something we saw in ourselves, that many would not see. With this platform, this campaign plans to be the reminder, friend and supporter not many students have in low-income areas, with the help of our A.O.A Ambassadors, mentors, and workshops.