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Todd Mills

I feel like the term Black on Black crime is false because people of all colors commit crime and they usually commit them largely against people who look like them. So I think this term is another situation in which a negative narrative has been attributed to Blacks.

Thinking Lady (In response to Todd Mills)

I agree. Most violent crime is committed by white people according to the Department of Justice. (Google the DOJ’s report titled ‘Race and Hispanic Origin of Victims and Offenders, 2012-15’.) Yet, we never hear about white on white crime. Violence is a very real U.S. phenomenon. Violence in majority Black neighborhoods is how U.S. violence plays out in a large city setting. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to come up with very viable solutions to keep more of our young and not so young people alive.

Sandra A Fields

I feel sad and angry. Our people need to do better. Our young people need internships, they need motivation to want to be successful in life. Our young people have nothing to look forward to. I believe they are angry so they lash out at anyone who crosses them.

Kisha Lindler Johnson

I feel overwhelmingly sad as well as angry, I’m tired of it. I want us to collectively come together and speak up , Our young people are dying to fast . They are our future (FB)

Worker‏  @overtimerules

Sadly, violent crime is disproportionally visited upon the one group that is most in denial. Young men growing with no father in the home. The streets substitute for stable family unit. Thou shall honor your father and mother. (Twitter)

Foxy Davis Jr.‏ @philosofoxthedj

It’s a racist dog whistle