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Wake Up With WURD – Marc Lamont Hill

Wake Up With WURD Hosts Mark Kelly Tyler, Denise Clay and Chris “Flood the Drummer” Norris spoke with activist and journalist Marc Lamont Hill about […]

Race & Diaspora

ICYMI: Catto Statue Dedication Ceremony

WURD Radio was the only media outlet to capture this historic moment in its entirety. Watch as Catto's legacy receives recognition and his statue is unveiled.

Reality Check

Keir Bradford-Grey – Defender Association of Philadelphia

Vincent Thompson of WURD Radio interviewed Keir Bradford-Grey the Chief of the Defender Association of Philadelphia.

Latest Podcasts

Latest Podcasts

The Lounge 11.13.17 – Dr. Bandi X Lee
MOJO 11.10.17 – The Morning After
Wake Up With WURD 11.10.17 – Ari Merretazon

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Latest Articles


VIOLENCE FORUM: How Has Your or a Loved One’s Life Changed After an Episode of Violence?

WURD Radio is amplifying points of view in a new solutions journalism campaign that solicits and publishes responses to violence and in order to do […]


How Larry Krasner Won the Philly DA Race

The Philadelphia District Attorney-elect said his campaign relied heavily on neighborhoods where politicians don’t even go to lie. 11.8.17: Philadelphia – (Politics): Positioned under a […]

Politics & Government

4 State Elections That Could Prove How Much Everybody Hates Black Voters

This election season could prove that “the resistance” is really all bullshit. On Tuesday, in states like Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and on Dec. […]

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